About Us


The ILIRIA organization isa Non-Governmental and non-profitable organization (NGO), established in 2003, and registered as a charity by the District Court of Tirana on 27.01.2003, with the decision No. 511. The fiscal code of the organization is K42116005D. The main office is established in Tirana, but operates with its staff at national level. The main activity of theorganisation is the contribution on the environment safeguarding, protecting and developing of the nature resources, preparing and implementation of the projects in environmental field, social, economic, doing of Social/Environment Impact Assessment from different activities, analysing and interpretation of social/environmental factors,human/natural resources etc. The main task is concentrated in the protection of flora and fauna, the assessment of biodiversity, the management of protected areas, and undertaking conservation measures when possible and appropriate to protect species and their critical habitats. The task of ILIRIA is also to link the nature conservation and biodiversity issues with all the other items or field of science that have an impact to the nature resources in Albania...

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Ministria e Mejedisit Pyjeve dhe Administrimit të Ujërave.