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    Dialogue, Advocacy and lobbying to prevent fire burning of agricultural lands through legal improvements. Contract no: 2019/ 413-608
European Policy Center (EPC, Belgium) with financial support from the European Union.


SRE of Prespa NP

    Assessment, protection and in-situ/ex-situ conservation, through involvement of young professionals
PONT (Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust) and CEPF


    Networking of Albanian Alps’ shepherds with hut in mountains for nature protection and the model of green economy as a sustainable income for farmers
UNDP Albania

2019 -2010

Drafting Environmental Impact

    Assessment reports of the project “Master plane study for 5 (five) priority areas Tourism Development” in Albania.
“ATELIER 4” shpk, Tirana. Albania


Community Involvement Assessment (CIA) in Protected Areas

  • It was a survey designed to gather information about the current level of engagement between local communities and protected areas across the Dinaric Arc region. The Park Dinarides Association with WWF Adria, through the Protected Areas for Nature and People project, are working together to strengthen the relationship between protected areas and their local communities. It is widely recognised that through partnership and cooperation with local communities improved economic, environmental and social benefits will be achieved.There were two questionnaires: one designed to capture information from the protected area perspective and a second one designed to capture information from the local communities
WWF Adria


Study on Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests in Albania.

  • The main objective of the project is; Protecting biodiversity by protecting and promoting Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests in Albania. Another important goal is the proclamation of the old beech forest in Albania as protected areas, part of the UNESCO World Heritage and/or Wilderness Europe site.


Promoting and addressing the sustainable use of natural resources and values in protected areas:

Assessing the environmental and social impact in Dajti National Park in Tirana and Protected Landscape Mali me Gropa-Bize-Martanesh

REC (Regional Environmental Center)


A digital Solid Waste reuse plAtform for BalkaN – SWAN”

Material management is recognized by European policymakers as a mean of decreasing impacts of waste and reducing raw material inputs to the economy (Directive 2008/98/EC). Many recycling initiatives reached a plateau of using existing product cycles and recovery technology. Still, there are key waste streams and materials that need to be further addressed due to the difficulty (cost and complexity) of recycling them, their large volume and their carbon footprint.

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Interreg V-B Balkan-Mediterranean 2014-2020


Study on environmental and social impact of stone mining activities in Dajti National Park REC (Regional Environmental Center)


Study on designation of Peza Regional nature Park (Category IV of IUCN) REC (Regional Environmental Center)


Revision of the list of NATURA 2000 habitats and species present in Albania and assessment of the status of knowledge on each of the habitats and species of the list.
The objective of the IPA 2013 “Strengthening national capacities in nature protection – preparation for Natura 2000 network” project for Albania is to halt biodiversity loss through improved management of Protected Areas in Albania. It has two specific objectives:
1) the implementation  of the management plans for at least 5 selected Protected Areas and
2) the preparation of a preliminary list  of Natura 2000 sites for the country  in  view of their future submission to the  EC  by the Albanian authorities.
Ministry of Environment



Adriatic HOLISTIC project – protection of forest from fires Faculty of Forestry Sciences


Sustainable Tourism Development and Management of Protected Areas REC (Regional Environmental Center)


Harmonization of National Action Plan to Combat Desertification in Albania and Preparation of National Report Project.

“Stocktaking assessment and Awareness Rising Report”

Ministry of Environment


Drafting the management Plan for Kthella Regional Nature Park (Category IV of IUCN) REC (Regional Environmental Center)


Conservation “On farm” of the rear breeds in Velipoje (Shkoder) SGP/GEF, Albania


Tourism needs assessment survey in the Divjake-Karavasta National Park Area – Survey Study JICA Project for Conservation and Sustainable use of Divjaka-Karavasta National Park



“Biodiversity Assessment and Identification of Priorities for Biodiversity Conservation in Albania” –  Stocktaking, including assessment of the current state of play and framing of national targets in order to evaluate the implementation scale of the existing NBSAP of 2000 Ministry of Environment


Training the regional staff  of the agriculture extension service according the climate change adaption Ministry of Agriculture


Preparation of a research desktop study for the Vjosa eco-museum INCA, in frame of the  IPA cross border program Greece-Albania


Socio-Economic Survey Study on Divjake-Karavasta National Park Area, for the JICA Project Divjake-Karavasta NP

JICA project



Registration of natural resources (forests, pastures) owned by the local government units SNV – the Netherlands



Civil society – effective actor in the implementation of the environmental acquis in Albania and Kosovo, financed by European Commission. European Commission


Improving of life’s quality through environmental actions in of Maneza municipality REC – Albania


Country Report

on the feasibility of establishing a transboundary protected area – gap and opportunities analysis



Improving of life’s quality through environmental actions in Bogova Commune. REC – Albania


The Manual of the Hunter (for Albanian Ministry of Environment) Ministry of Environment


Improving life quality of pupils in High school in Maneza Municipality, through improving the environmental conditions based on  good management practices, on local Landscape REC (Regional Environmental Centre) – Albania


Study of Tirana-Durres area through satellite images. Training the  staff of MoE on using GIS program Ministry of Environment